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Long Beach Island Consolidated School District

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School Choice

Long Beach Island Consolidated School District

Choice Program
 Student Application (below)
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District grades: K-6
Approved Choice grades: K-6
Total number of students enrolled in district: 231

Choice Parent Information Center Phone number:
609-494-8851, ext. 2011
Program Contact: Marilyn Yates
609-494-8851 ext. 2011
The Interdistrict School Choice Program was signed into law by Governor Christie on September 10, 2010. The program is designed to increase educational opportunities for students and their families by providing students with the option of attending a public school outside their district of residence without cost to their parents.

Please contact the Long Beach Island Consolidated School District office 609-494-2341 for more information about this program.
CHOICE PROGRAM:  The mission of the Choice program in the Long Beach Island School District is to accentuate our STEM Academy so as to instill a love of scientific inquiry and application and to empower students to pursue learning in an interdisciplinary and contextualized learning environment.  Providing 21st century learners with the skills and knowledge necessary for advancement into higher education and the workforce is paramount. Giving students the ability to pursue experience in science, technology, engineering, math, marine and environmental initiatives at the elementary and secondary (6th grade) levels aids them to initiate internships while at this level. Our goal is to ensure that students are prepared to make informed choices based on their interests and exposures in the science arena provided in our district. Students are accountable for state content and career technical education (CTE) standards while teachers integrate the skills and knowledge from the core content standards in contextualized learning experiences. Students demonstrate their mastery of the standards in public exhibitions of their learning: marine and environmental events, math and science internships, engineering ROV expeditions, PERCH, MARE, and math integration throughout each module.   The STEM Academy community, including students, teachers, parents, and community and post-secondary members, work together to create a positive learning environment. A tone of advancement in knowledge and application of skills permeates the community. Students have an important voice in shaping the 


Transportation of choice students is not guaranteed. If a student is eligible for transportation (within 20 miles of the school) and the cost will exceed $884, the parent/guardian will be given $884 as aid in lieu of transportation and, in some cases, the option of receiving the transportation and paying the additional amount over $884. By Aug. 1, 2015, parents should receive notification of their transportation options from the resident district. For more information, read the Transportation Procedures for choice students.
Choice Seats Available
For the
2017-2018 School Year
School Name: Long Beach Island School District:
Ethel A. Jacobsen School
Long Beach Island Grade School
Specialized Program Name: STEM
Maximum number of NEW students that can be accepted: 6
NOTE: Districts may have more seats available than they are able to accept.
A lottery will be held and a waitlist will be developed if more than the maxIMUM number of applications is received.
Grade Seat availability per grade
K 0
1 0
2 3
3 1
4 2
5 0
6 0
7 x
8 x
9 x
10 x
11 x
12 x
District Choice Policies  
a. The district accepts Tier 2 students.
b. The district gives enrollment preference to students who have a sibling currently attending the choice district, provided they will enroll in a choice-approved grade/program and they meet any program-specific criteria.
c. The district gives enrollment preference to choice students who have completed the terminal grade of the sending district (i.e., students who attend a choice district with grades that terminate before 12th grade and with a natural progression to this choice district).
d. The district gives enrollment preference to resident students who move before the application deadline. If resident students move and file choice applications for the following year prior to the deadline, the district will give them enrollment preference (i.e., accept them ahead of other applicants), PROVIDED that there are choice seats available in the choice-approved grades/ programs and the students meet any program-specific criteria. If the district has already reached its approved choice enrollment maximum, this preference will not apply.
e. The district gives special consideration to resident students who move after the application deadline. Students in this situation may apply as late applicants, PROVIDED that there are choice seats available in the choice-approved grades/programs and the students meet any program-specific criteria. If the district has already reached its approved choice enrollment maximum, this special consideration will not apply.