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Long Beach Island Consolidated School District

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Student Health

Immunization Requirements for School Entry

Immunization requirements for school entry, attendance or transfer into the Long Beach Island School District are consistent with the New Jersey Sanitation Code.  The following documents shall be accepted as evidence of your child's immunization history:

1.  an official school record,
2.  a record form from the public health department
3.  a certificate signed by a health-care provider indicating compliance and listing the individual immunization, or
4.  an official record of immunization from the NJ Immunization Information system indicating compliance with immunization requirements.

The Long Beach Island School District is not able to knowingly admit or retain any child whose parent or guardian has not submitted acceptable evidence of the child's immunization.  Exemptions to this requirement are identifiable and additional information can be obtained from the school's Health Services Offices.  An official NJ School Record (A-45) will be maintained for every student.

Administration of Medication

If a student needs medication, including cough drops, during school hours, it is necessary for you and your health care provider to complete a brief form for each medication.  The first dose of any new medication must be given at home.  The medication authorization form is available in each Health Office and is required for each medication your child will be receiving.  No medication will be administered in school without proper documentation from a legal prescriber; nor will the medication be administered without the medication being pharmacy labeled.  Forms may be faxed to the school provided our Health Services office receives the original.  Please remember that a student may not bring medication to or from school.  Arrangements may be made with the school nurse to pick up any remaining medication.

Students with chronic health conditions (asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis, or other life threatening diagnoses) who may require self-administration of medication require separate documentation.  These forms are available in the Health Services office located in each school building and on the Student Health tab.  Every effort will be made to accommodate student needs.  Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Food Allergies and Administration of Epinephrine

School policy and procedures of the administration of epinephrine for food allergies may be viewed at the school district offices and on the Student Health tab.

Emergency Information

The Long Beach island School Health Department requires that parents fully complete the Emergency Information form to be kept on file in the main office and the Health Services Department.  The purpose of this form is to provide a contact numbers in the event we are unable to reach you and enable the school to administer first aid and provide for emergency treatment of students by a school nurse or licensed physician in the event that a parent or guardian could not be reached in an emergency.  Please complete the Emergency Information form with the names and telephone numbers of valid emergency contacts who will be accessible during school hours in the event of illness, injury to your child or you are unavailable.

Student Insurance

The Long Beach Island Board of Education provides medical insurance coverage for all students during the school day.  Information concerning this coverage and the availability of additional student insurance, which may supplement your regular family medical insurance, is sent home with each child.  The school nurse may be contacted for the proper forms if your child is involved in an accident.  These forms should be completed by your physician and forwarded to the insurance agent.

Health Screenings/Services

The Long Beach Island Health Services Office provides health screenings to students as recommended by the New Jersey Department of Education.  The school auditory and vision screening programs are conducted by a certified school nurse for students who are enrolled in preschool through sixth grade.,  Scoliosis screening is provided to 5th grade students who are at least ten years of age.  Height and weight screenings are performed annually.  Health screening referrals are made as indicated by the current School Health Services Guidelines.

Physical Examinations

Each student must have a physical examination upon entry into the school district as required by the State of New Jersey.  This examination must be done no more than 365 days prior to entry and must state what, if any, modifications are required for full participation in the school program.  Students will have 30 days after entering school to produce evidence of a current physical examination.  Because of the importance of obtaining subsequent examinations at least once during each developmental state, the Long Beach Island Board of Education also recommends that a physical examination be performed at least once during the early childhood (grade 3) and pre-adolescence (grade 6).  Physical examinations must be done by your Health care Provider; if you do not have a Health Care Provider, please contact the Health Services Office.

Diagnoses and Treatment

While health guidance is available, the Health Services Office does not diagnose, prescribe treatment, treat injuries occurring at home or give treatment other than first aid as outlined by school physician's standing orders.  For additional information regarding health regulations or services, please feel free to contact the school nurse or your health care provider.