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Long Beach Island Consolidated School District

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Report Cards and Marking Procedures

In grades 1-6, report cards will be issued four times each year for marking periods of approximately nine weeks each.  Kindergarten students receive report cards twice each year.  Parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled to discuss each child's educational, social, and physical development throughout the school year.  Report cards are based on the following rating scale:
♦  - Consistently
+ - Frequently
   - Occasionally
/  - Seldom
X  - Not assessed at this time
Grades 1-6
A - 92-100
B - 83-91
C - 74-82
D - 70-73
F - 69 and below
EX- Medical
INC - Incomplete
Effort: Grades 1-6
E - Excellent
G - Good
S - Satisfactory
I - Improving
N - Needs Improvement
Special Area: Grades 1-6
C - Consistently
U - Usually
O - Occasionally
Personal and Social Development Grades 1-6
Each marking period all areas are satisfactory unless indicated by an X.