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Long Beach Island Consolidated School District

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All About Me

My name is Cathy McBride. I've been teaching science for students in grades 5 and 6 at the LBI Consolidated School District for 10 years. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Science, I am passionate about teaching all aspects of earth science including marine ecosystems, geology, and meteorology. I also love math, chemistry and physics. 

I instruct an average of 60 students annually, working with my colleagues across grade levels (within and outside my district) to integrate science learning across the curriculum. To this end, I implement new methods of effective, contextualized learning experiences such as the NOAA Student Drifter Project, NOAA Marine Debris Stewardship Project and underwater robotics with Stockton University student mentors. In the classroom, I am committed to actively engaging students in the science practices through real phenomena with a strong focus on Ocean Literacy Principles. Using technology such as real-time data with ocean drifters, tides, and weather; web-based simulations; software programs; and digital collaboration applications, my students learn the process of science through critical thinking, accessing and analyzing data, developing models, and communicating with others. I love to create relevant, data-driven educational resources integrated with cutting-edge technology that would help students gain access to science in a meaningful way that facilitates their understanding of science yet also fosters critical thinking and STEM practices. This summer, (July 2017) I will be traveling to California to work with scientists and engineers at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) to learn cutting edge science research, and create science lessons using current scientific data collected by scientists from polar and deep sea ecosystems.

Professional responsibilities outside of the classroom continue to expand and deepen my skills as an educator. Recently, as part of a Peer Review Panel, I worked with New Jersey educators to learn how to critically review and identify exemplary curriculum materials related to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). In 2016, I developed NGSS-aligned curricula and lessons for the LBICSD and Ocean County. Since 2014, I have worked closely with school administrators as a member of the School Improvement Panel and Curriculum Committee.  Other responsibilities include writing grants, presenting a scientific poster at the Mid Atlantic Marine Educators Association (MAMEA) Conference, and coordinating school-wide science events such as Science, Technology Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) Night (led by sixth grade students), Science Fair, and Astronomy Night.

My Bachelor of Science in Marine Science from Stockton University provided me with a solid scientific background upon which to build and extend my knowledge into the other scientific areas I need to teach. Prior to teaching, while working in outreach education for Rutgers University, I learned ocean literacy principles and helped adapt curricula to encompass marine habitats of the east coast. Under the supervision of Dr. Ken Able at the Rutgers University Marine Field Station, I was an integral part of a team investigating restored wetlands for the Estuary Enhancement Program of Delaware Bay. Through these opportunities, I learned valuable scientific sampling techniques as well as other science practices that are infused daily in my science lessons. 

Department: Science