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Science » Science Grades 5-6: Ms. McBride

Science Grades 5-6: Ms. McBride

Information on new Science Curriculum based on Next Generation Science Curriculum
Dear Families,
Please visit the following link for information regarding the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Science:​
Sixth Grade Science
Flip Quiz
Weather Review
NBC Learn
Newton's Laws and football
Physics Classroom
Types of Forces
Physics Classroom
Newton's First Law
Physics Classroom
Newton's Second Law
Physics Classroom
Newton's Third Law
Study Jams
Videos on forces and motion
Newton's 3 Laws with a bicycle
Watch Know Learn
Newton's Laws of Motion video
Sites for animal guides and endangered species
Animal Diveristy Web
Facts from University of Michigan
Conserve Wildlife (NJ)
Endangered Species Field Guide
Conserve Wildlife (NJ)
Osprey population data
Coral Reef Conservation Program
Coral reef facts, threats, and conservation programs
Live web cam: ospreys
Kids' Planet
Endangered species fact sheets
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Animal Guide and links to facts, webcams, exhibits, habitats
National Geographic Invertebrates
Loaded with facts and video clips on many invertebrates
National Geographic Kids
Creature Feature- Animal facts
National Zoo (Smithsonian)
Lots of facts on many animals and endangered species
Nature Conservancy
"Moonbird" facts- amazing features of B95, the red knot ultimate survivor
Nature Conservancy
"B95, the toughest four ounces of life"
NJ Fish and Wildlife
NJ endangered and threatened species lists
Weird Fins-blobfish
NOAA Office of Protected Resources
Endangered and threatened marine species
Snowshoe hare and climate change
Facts about marine organisms
Pinelands Preservation Alliance
Video clips and digital images of unique pine barrens species and ecosystems
San Diego Zoo
Animal information
Science Quest
Pikas and climate change
University of Arizona
Isopod information
US Fish and Wildlife
Endangered species information for US wildlife
Wild Music
Build a Soundscape
World Wildlife
Endangered species information for world wildlife
World Wildlife Biodiversity
Endangered Species
Online databases and research resources
Ocean County Library, NJ
Online databases, tons of information & images
STEM Resources and online collaborative projects
Resources for creating online projects or global studies
Concord Consortium
Smart graphs grades 8-10
Google's Library of Lessons
Search for lessons by content, age, or product.
Sea Grant
Alaska's Seas and Rivers Curriculum
The Happy Scientist
Free resources: videos, experiment ideas, images and test questions
Partnership that provides a wealth of resources- searchable by state standards or content area or grade