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Enrichment Mrs. Yeager

Library Rules and Book Care
These are some suggestions for keeping our library books in great condition:
  • Keep books away from food or drinks
  • Watch hands before reading a book
  • Take care in using a book
  • Report all damages to the Mrs. Yeager
  • Use a bookmark for saving your place in a book
  • Never use a pencil for a bookmark
  • Do not turn down pages or turn a book on its face
  • Keep books dry at all times
  • Keep your book in a dry safe location at all times
  • Keep books away from babies or pets
  • Keep pencils and crayons away from your books
  • Don't write in your book!
  • Do not pull labels and/or stickers off the books
Important Information:
I'm so excited to be teaching Enrichment this year. I'm looking forward to many NEW and FUN educational themes and projects during our sessions.

Please feel free to email me any questions or concerns.