Tech K-2

Technology Grades K-2

  • Hello Parents and Students!


    Technology students in grades K-2 will learn how to safely and responsibly handle and use technology, coding skills, word processing applications, keyboarding, and more!

    Students will be able to access their technology assignments through their assigned Google Classroom tech class.


    Students will be using the website to work on their typing. This site will help students with their letter location and speed. Feel free to let your child work on this at home. The more practice they get, the faster they become!


    Students can log into Kodable by clicking HERE. You will need to log in with our class code located on the Google Classroom page for tech! Students will have the oppurtunity to create a code to move their fuzz ball from one side of the map to the other. Can they do this without your help?

    Online Digital Library:

    Students can take advantage of the FREE online library at

    Be sure to log in through our TIPP/Tech Google Classroom!