• This link is dedicated to the TIPP class. TIPP stands for Tiered Integrated Projects Program. Students from grades Prek-6 will work on projects that incorporate all subject areas from their grade level.

    Students can expect to see projects that include aspects in math, science, reading, writing, typing, collaborating, and presenting.


    Parents, each week your child will visit the library and have the oppurtunity to check out a new book! Please remind your child to bring back their book each week so that they can either renew it or check out a new one! The TIPP/Library schedule is as follows:

    Monday- 5K/4D

    Tuesday- 1E/1K

    Wednesday- KL/KR

    Thursday- 2F/2H

    Friday- 6G/3F/4M/6R/3M


    Thank you for your continued help!