Balanced Literacy- Grade 6- Mrs. Gosline

  • Welcome to 6th Grade ELA!
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    Thank you for your continued partnership in the education of our students.
     Parent, student, teacher, and community involvement are all integral pieces of ensuring that this year is a great success!  I look forward to introducing students to many different genres, authors, themes, and forms of writing throughout the year.  I am eager to get to know each student both as a reader and as an important member of our school community.  Throughout the year we will read together, learn from each other, and begin to find out more about ourselves from working together

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    Please use this site to quickly access our Google Classrooms and to share information about our lessons with your families.
    Please check this website for updates regarding upcoming events in our school and classroom, as well as information about our learning targets. Information about specific assignments can be found in your child's agenda book and in our Google Classroom.
    What's Happening? 
    Fall 2022
    Reading: Short Story- All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury
    Grammar: Subject and Predicate of a Sentence, Independent Clauses and Compound Sentences, Parts of Speech
    Writing: Analyzing and Mimicking Author's Style, Descriptive Writing, Mentor Sentences and Responses to Literature, Narrative Writing
    Cross Curricular Group Project: Holiday Market
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    General Class Information
    Click the link above for more information on grading, late/missing work and homework policies, extra credit, and general class expectations. This information can also be found on the front and back interior cover of your child's ELA Notebook. 
    ELA homework primarily consists of reading independently and of some long-term weekly assignments.  The goal is to encourage students to learn time-management and avoid procrastination in preparation for middle school. Each Monday, the students spend time in ELA class determining a "plan" for the week which is based on their academic, social, and extracurricular schedule. Please review and discuss your child's plan and agenda book as a family on Mondays to help plan the week.  
    Weekly Assignments:
    • Independent reading is assigned periodically during a novel study.
    • Novel Responses/Weekly HW due Mondays
    • 45 minutes and 1 passed lesson on iReady due Friday by 3:00 
    • Grammar/Mentor Sentence Quizzes on Fridays
     Word of the Day: 
    6th Grade students are exposed to a new vocabulary word each day in the classroom.  As a group, we discuss the meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and possible ways to incorporate the word into daily writing or conversation.  At the end of the month, students will be assessed on the 14-20 words they have learned.  It is expected that students spend time each week reviewing words as they are learned, rather than the night before the test. Tests can be expected the first week of each month. Students are usually provided two weeks' notice for studying purposes.