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Gifted and Talented

TIPP Tier I:  Whole Group Instruction  

TIPP Tier II:  Individualized Curriculum enhances general classroom differentiation through individualized opportunities to explore curriculum concepts (persistence/persevering, listening to others, Metacognition:  awareness of own thinking, checking for accuracy and precision, ingenuity, originality, insightfulness:  creativity, depth of understanding/insight applying prior knowledge/making connections).   

LEAP Tier III:  Enrichment offers opportunities to explore real-world problems via self-identified tasks.  Nominations can originate from teachers, parents and community members, NJSLS and iReady assessments, report card grades are reviewed, classroom teachers annually review participants, and students must maintain A's and B's in all subject areas to remain in the program.  
If you have questions or concerns about procedures and/or review process, please contact Dr. Kopack, Superintendent.      

Enrichment Curriculum

Grades K-6 Tiered Integrated Projects Program (TIPP).pdf