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Long Beach Island Consolidated School District

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Long Beach Island Board of Education
Office 609-494-8854

Mr. William Fenimore
Ship Bottom

Mrs. Bonnie Picaro
Vice President
Long Beach Township

Mrs. Marilyn Wasilewski
Barnegat Light

Mrs. Georgene Hartmann
Long Beach Township

Mr. John McMenamin
Surf City

Mrs. Kristy Raber
Surf City

Ms. Eileen Bowker
Long Beach Township

Mr. James Donahower
Harvey Cedars

Mrs. Colette Southwick
Long Beach Township

Peter J. Kopack, Ed.D.

Chris Kelly
School Business Administrator/ Board Secretary

Long Beach Island Board of Education


Professional Services Contract


The Board of Education of the Long Beach Island School District in the County of Ocean, New Jersey (the “Board”) has awarded a Contract without competitive bidding for professional services pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-5(a)(i).  At the meeting held April 17, 2018, the Board awarded a contract for engineering services for an update to the Evaluation of the Long Beach Island Grade School and E.J. Grade School April 2015 (specifically, an update to the scope of work evaluation for the Long Beach Island Grade School) to Owen, Little & Associates Inc. as specified in the contract submitted to the Board of Education.  The Long Beach Island Board of Education has need for professional services to be rendered to it, and a need for consultant services of a qualitative nature as will not reasonably permit the drawing of specifications or the receipt of competitive bids. This Contract and the Resolution authorizing it are available for public inspection in the offices of the Board Secretary.


Brian F. Savage, Ed.D.

Interim SBA/Board Secretary