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Health Office


Healthy Students Make Better Learners

It is important to spread awareness about hand washing and not spread illness!
Our first grade class is doing just that with their "Tops and Bottoms" Hand Washing Song.
It is cold and flu season from October to May, which means that it is especially key to wash your hands so YOU can be healthy and ready to learn.
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Click Here to view 1-E Wellness Video
School Health Services wishes to extend a warm and personal welcome to you as you join our school community.  Please know that you have a team of concerned professionals available to provide care to your child while they are at school. 
Although not required, it is important for parents/guardians to understand the value of subsequent medical examinations performed by your Healthcare Provider at least once during each developmental stage:
  • at early childhood (preschool through grade three),
  • pre-adolescence (grade four through six) and
  • adolescence (grade seven through 12)
Why is School Wellness Important?
Increases academic performance
Improves behavior
Helps with learning retention
Keeps students healthy
Encourages healthy body weight
What is a Smart Snack?
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What is a  Local Wellness Policy (LWP)?
A “Basic” district-level or local wellness policy  wellness (LWP) policy meets the minimum Federal standards for local school wellness  under the: Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act LWP
Our LWP is being updated for SY 18-19 and can be found in the below files.

Please feel free to contact the Student Health Office
with any questions or concerns.
Bianca Aniski, MEd, RN                                     Denise Lake, BSN, RN
Ethel Jacobsen School                                       LBI Grade School                               
609-494-2341 ext. 1105                                 609-494-8851 ext. 2015
 "School Nurses are key to children’s health and success at school.
They provide care to individual students and help shape school-wide,
health-promoting policies for the whole school."


Information for Parents/Guardians:      

Information for


Sudden Cardiac Events


Information for
Parents/ Guardians:

Sports-Related Eye Injuries