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School Counselor » Greetings from Mrs. Oldham

Greetings from Mrs. Oldham

I hope that everyone is doing ok with the new schedule and routine.  Don't panic - we will all get used to a new way of doing things soon.
Here are some suggestions:
  • Turn the t.v. off when the kids are around.  They don't need to hear the news.
  • Schedule t.v. time with kid friendly, appropriate shows.
  • Keep a schedule, similar to the school day so your children know what to expect.  
  • Post the daily schedule somewhere for them to see.  They are used to having one to look at in school - so this may help with some of the anxiety they feel with the unknown.
  • If you have more than one child who needs help with their schoolwork, make a schedule and let them know that you will give them time, one at a time.  Make yourself a schedule.
  • Give yourself a break!  An actual break.  Take a walk, go outside, read.  Your children need you to stay fresh.
  • Put music on in the house.
Here are some activities:
  • Have your children write notes and cards to those locked in - nursing homes, hospitals, etc.  Write letters to family members via email.  
  • Go outside with your children and have them find something for every letter of the alphabet.
  • If your children play instruments, have them practice and give a small concert for the family!
  • Do a "home economics" lesson and bake or cook together.  They can help with measuring, stirring and cleaning up!
  • Go through the house, one bedroom at a time and have them try on clothes, get rid of outgrown clothes.
  • Have a friendly competition with relay races, carrying potatoes on spoons, bouncing a ball, etc.  
  • Get sidewalk chalk and do some drawing!
Be creative, be strong, be positive.  We can do this!
If you need anything - please email me at