Basic Skills K-2

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    I am Mrs.Tilton and I welcome you to my Basic Skills page. I attended Montclair State University for my undergraduate studies and Georgian Court University for my graduate studies. Since then, I have always worked with primary aged children ! I am so lucky to provide extra help in the kindergarten and first grade classes. While there, I assist the classroom teacher with Language Arts and Math lessons. I also have children come into my classroom for small group practice with the Orton Reading program and extra support for Math skills. 
    Please contact me with any questions or concerns at 
    I am looking forward to a great year !!!
    Here are some fun suggestions to practice skills in an amusing way !  The following games can be used for any skill (letter recognition/sounds, number identification/quantity, math facts, sight words, colors, comprehension questions, spelling words etc.)  Simply modify the game to target what skill you want your child to practice.
          Just in time for fall !  You'll need paper leaves (found at dollar stores).  Write whatever skill you are reinforcing on each leaf.  Take the leaves and
          toss around the floor, outside on the grass, around a playground or beach.  Have your child run around collecting the leaves telling you what's on 
          each leaf.  Change up for different seasons using paper snowflakes, plastic eggs, and/or seashells.
          You will need a few beanbags, index cards, and a marker.  Write a sight word, (or whatever skill you're practicing) on each card.  Spread the
          cards all over the floor . Shout out words and have your child toss a beanbag onto them.  Next, have your child shout out (read) the words and
          see if you can hit them with the beanbag.  
          Make a grid (adjust the size depending on your child's ability and skill level), and write a sight word in each square.  Next, give your child some
          counters and read one of the sight words aloud. If your child can find the correct word, a counter is placed over the word.  When a row, a
          column, or a pattern is achieved, the game is over.  BINGO !!!!
           You will need paper plates and a marker.  Write a sight word or skill on each plate.  Create a path all around the house, yard, playground, beach,
           etc.  Start at the beginning of the path and have your child read each word/number as he/she walks to the end of the path. Your child can pick up
           the plates each time she reads a word.  Repeat the game by creating a new path !
          Write sight words on index cards.  Use words you want your child to learn/practice.  Stick the words on a wall.  Get a flashlight and dim the
          lights.  Shine a light on the word and ask your child to read it.  Switch it up by trading roles.  Either way, your child is learning !  Make the game
          even more fun by using black paper and glow in the dark markers or crayons.
          You will need white construction paper, a WHITE CRAYON, watercolor paints, and a paint brush.  Using the white crayon, write the targeted skill
          in a random place on the white paper.  Next, have your child paint the paper using the watercolor paints.  As the skill is revealed, ask them to 
          identify what they found/see.
          Children love puzzles !!  Take a 20 to 100 piece puzzle (depending on skill level of your child) and write the targeted skill on the back of the 
          puzzle piece.  Have  your child pick up a puzzle piece and read the (targeted skill you're practicing) before putting it in the puzzle.  If they 
          struggle, tell them the word/skill and set aside to try again at the end of the puzzle.
            Start with 10 small balls.  Tape a (specific skill) on each ball.  Play a simple game of catch or kick.  Every time your child touches the ball they
            will read the targeted skill.  Repeat with the other balls to keep the game going and have fun !!!!
    Most of all, make this time one of fun and learning in different ways. 
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