Grades 3-6 Mr. Colino

  • Hello LBI Students/Families!
    Happy 2023 to everyone!
    As we enter into a new year, we will be continuing on with basketball, then partaking in the ever popular sport of volleyball. 
    Additionally, my 2nd Marking Period PEP class choices are:
    Tuesday       2:30-3 Indoor Soocer,Futsal, grades 3/4
    Wednesday 2:30-3 Kickball, grade 5
    Thursday     2:30-3 Pick-up Basketball, grade 6
    As always, in order to partake in the excitement, all students should be prepared with athletic footwear and a water bottle for each scheduled Health & Physical Education period. Also, please make sure students are prepared with sweatshirts/coats, as needed, as we will continue getting outside for activities as much as possible.
     Yours in health and fitness.
    Mr. Colino