Grades 3-6 Mr. Colino

  • Hello LBI Students/Families!
    As we enter into the 4th marking period, our students will next be learning and developing the 5 major parts of their fitness: speed & agility, core strength, flexibility, upper body strength, and endurance. This will be done through the President's Fitness Challenge, which encourages and empowers our students to reach 3 specific levels of achievement: The Presidential Award, The National Award, and the Healthy Lifestyle Award.
    Additionally, my 4rd Marking Period PEP class choices are:
    Tuesday       2:30-3 Soccer/Futsal gr4 
    Wednesday 2:30-3 Pickle Ball gr5
    Thursday     2:30-3 Volleyball gr6
    As always, in order to partake in the excitement, all students should be prepared with athletic footwear and a water bottle for each scheduled Health & Physical Education period. Also, please make sure students are prepared with hats and sunblock, as needed, as we will continue getting outside for activities as much as possible.
     Yours in health and fitness.
    Mr. Colino