Basic Skills K-2 Mrs. Gerety

  •  Welcome to my Basic Skills page. I am lucky to be able to go into the kindergarten, first grade and second grade classes. While there I assist the classroom teacher with Language Arts and Math lessons. I also have children come into my classroom for the Orton Reading program and extra support for Math skills. 
    Here are some off line activities for you all to enjoy. 
    All grades:
    Build a blanket fort. Camp in it all day and create stories to tell your family at dinner.
    Stay up late and stargaze.
    Call a grandparent or older relative. Ask them to teach you the words to a song from their childhood. 
    Create puppets and perform a show for your family. If you would like have a family member video you, you can send it to me. 
    Learn 5 new BIG words. Use them in sentences during the day. Email them to me!
    Learn and practice 3 new jokes. Email me those too!
    Create a flag that tells the world about you. When we return to school, bring it to me please. 
    Construct a family tree. 
    Find 10 rocks smaller than a dime. 
    Find 5 rocks bigger than a quarter.
    Using paper, tape and string, design, build, and test a device that warns you when someone opens a kitchen cabinet, your bedroom door or the refrigerator. Please send me a picture and the results.  
    Grades 1 and 2
    Be completely silent for 5 minutes. Write down every sound you hear and then classify them, high/low pitch, man-made or natural occurring, etc.
    Draw a map of your home.
    Learn, practice and perform a magic trick. You can send me a video of this if you would like. I would love to see it. 
    If you have stairs, walk up and count them. Walk down and count by twos. Walk up and count by threes. Walk down and count by fives. Back up and count by tens. 
    Write 10 rhyming words in chalk on your driveway. If you would like, take a picture and send it to me. 
    Create and use a secret code. Email it to me to see if I can figure it out.
    Using one type of paper, create 3 different paper airplanes. Test them to see which one flies the farthest. Email me your results. If you would like, take a video and send it to me. 
    Write a story titled "What if Humans had to Leave Earth and No One Remembered to Turn Off the Last Robot"
    Grade 2
    Set a clock three hours ahead. When ever someone needs to know the time, help them figure it out. Try again setting the clock two hours and thirty minutes ahead. 
    Write down every adjective you say for one day. Email me your list. 
    Measure the length of your bed using 3 different units of measure with one of them being a nonstandard unit.
    Draw the states that any member of your family has visited and list 3 interesting things in each state. 
    Most of all, make this time one of fun and learning in different ways. 
    Brain Pop Jr games:
    Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems :

Class Homework