1st Grade with Mrs. Kraus



    For our classroom, it is my goal to provide your child with a warm and engaging learning environment where they will be able to grow academically and socially. Your child will be given a classroom in which they have the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas in a respectful and safe environment, where discussion is encouraged and learning is thought of as a scaffolded process.

    Week of 16th to May 20th

    • Homework:
      • Read for 15-20 minutes every day
      • Complete Rapid Word Chart nightly
      • Complete Math Worksheet by Friday

    Focuses of the Week:

    • Phonics: The Triplets "er", "ir", & "ur"
      • Ex: mutter,     stir,     fur
    • Grammar Focus: Exclamations
      • Ex: Sit down now!     vs.    Can you please sit down? 

    May 2019 Wallpaper - Flicker Leap

  • Our Class Schedule

    Monday: Art and Gym
    Tuesday: Technology & TIPP
    Wednesday: Spanish 
    Thursday: Gym
    Friday: Music & Gym
    *Please be aware of the days that we have gym, as sneakers and weather appropriate clothing will be needed. 
    Online Resources