1st Grade with Mrs. Kraus

  • Welcome to Our Class Page!  

    In our classroom, it is my goal to make sure everyone feels at home. Our room is laid out so students can learn in a friendly and safe environment. I also encourage open conversations and discussions.  It is my goal to help all of my students develop the same love of learning that I did while at Ethel Jacobsen Elementary School by creating a safe, productive, and engaging learning environment with your child where they can grow academically, socially, and emotionally. 

    In order to see what topics we are covering this week, please check your child's folder every Monday for our Snapshot of First Grade. On this sheet you will find important Dates to Remember, along with what we are covering in our Content Areas for the week.

    June 5th to June 9th

    Monday: Question Day

    Tuesday: Rainbow Day

    Wednesday: Sunglasses Day

    Thursday: Toy Day

    Friday: USA Day


    Please be sure to read for 15-20 minutes every night and color in 1 to 2 spots on the reading log.

    Math Homework is sent home on Monday and due by Friday. 

    Rapid Word Charts should be completed nightly and returned the following day. Please do not forget to turn it over and "quiz" your child on 2 words each night. 

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  • Our Class Schedule

    Monday: Art and Gym
    Tuesday: Technology & TIPP
    Wednesday: Gym
    Thursday: Spanish
    Friday: Music & Gym
    *Please be aware of the days that we have gym, as sneakers and weather appropriate clothing will be needed. 
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