School Counselor Mrs. Oldham

  • It is my privilege to serve as the School Counselor for the Long Beach Island School District.  I have been a member of this district for 32 years, starting as a mom of 3, a substitute and then as a full time employee in 2001.  Originally from Westchester County, NY, I went to college in New England (Go Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins!).  I left the Boston area, moved to Pennsylvania to complete my Masters Degree and landed on Long Beach Island when I got married.  I have lived here ever since.
    My personal and professional goal is to help our families educate and train our students into lifelong learners and mature, responsible community members.  I enjoy working with parents as they navigate the regular challenges of parenting as well as the unexpected barriers that life throws at us.  
    I enjoy watching our students grow up each year, especially as they are challenged to face their small world in preparation for the bigger world that awaits them.
    Enjoy your children.  They grow up fast!
    Social Media and Our Children
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