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Child Study Team Services Home Instruction Intervention and Referral Services Team

Child Study Team Services
The Long Beach Island School district takes pride in its ability to meet the individual needs of its students.  The Child Study Team plays an integral role in helping to provide special education services for youngsters in need of special programs.  For information about the special education services available for your child, contact Frank Birney, Supervisor of Special Education, at 494-2341.

A referral to the Child Study Team for an evaluation in order to determine eligibility for Special Education and Related Services can be initiated by the parent through a written request.  Within 20 days of the receipts of the written request, the district will convene a meeting including the parent, the Child Study Team, and the regular education teacher (s).  The participants at the meeting will determine whether an evaluation is warranted.  If an evaluation is warranted, the participants will also determine the nature and scope of the evaluation.

Home Instruction
When a child is expected to be out of school for a prolonged period of time because of certain illnesses or immobility, parents may request that a teacher be contracted for home instruction through the administration.  A certificate must be obtained from the attending physician with a statement of the nature of the illness or disability and also a statement that the child is capable of receiving instruction without endangering the child's health.

Intervention and Referral Services Team
The Long Beach Island School District has an Intervention and Referral Services Team, and implements procedures and strategies as warranted.  This team provide the faculty with direction in formulating coordinated services and team delivery systems to address the full range of student learning, behavior and health problems in a general education program.