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Communication with School Parents

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Parents will receive written notification from the school explaining the schedule for each conference session and appointment procedures.   Parents are strongly encouraged to attend their parent-teacher conference.  Parents are also welcome to contact the school at any time to schedule additional appointments with classroom teachers, if necessary.  We feel that it is very important to maintain good communication with the home.

Telephone Calls to Teachers
Teacher have telephones with voice mail in their classrooms.  The telephones do not ring in the classrooms so that the teacher is able to give undivided attention to the classroom instruction during class time.  In an emergency or a situation that needs immediate attention, a message should be given directly to the school secretary.  All other messages can be left on the teacher's voice mail.

School Visitation
To insure maximum safety for the children in our schools, all parents and visitors are required to report directly to the main office and register.  No one is permitted in the halls or classrooms without a visitor's pass and authorization from the office.  Parking is restricted to designated parking spaces to avoid the obstruction of emergency vehicles and/or school buses.  Please respect our smoking regulations.  Visitors must conduct themselves in accordance with school policies and must not disturb the operation of the school or class sessions in any way.  When visiting classrooms, care should be taken to prevent the interruption of instruction.  Teachers cannot conduct conferences when instructing or supervising pupils.
Any forgotten items (lunches, money, books, etc) that are left for a child after instruction begins should be left in the main offices.

Notices Sent home From School
Occasionally, notices will be sent home with your child to keep you informed concerning school policies, activities, and important dates.  Please reinforce with your child the importance of bringing home school notices punctually for you to read.

Parental Concern Procedures
Parental concerns should be handled first with the classroom teacher(s) to insure communication between the proper parties.  If a resolution to a problem cannot be reached at this level, the school principal will become involved.  A conference including the school principal, teacher(s) and/or parent(s) may be scheduled to discuss the concern and find a reasonable and fair solution in the best interests of the child.  Documentation of the problem, conferences related to it and proposed solutions will be recommended.