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Dress Code

Students should respect and abide by the following dress code adopted by the Long Beach Island Board of Education:

  1. Student attire shall be neat, clean and reflect an appearance of modesty and good taste.  Apparel shall not be so tight fitting, sheer, transparent, brief, low-cut or revealing above or below the waist as to be indecent, distracting or disruptive to the school environment;
  2. Tank tops, halters and tube tops are not permitted.  Sweat shirts, warm-ups and t-shirts are permitted if they are not torn and if they are not cut or tied to expose the midriff.  Clothing with inappropriate words or symbols (of a suggestive nature) are prohibited.
  3. Footwear is required.  The wearing of hazardous shoes is not permitted (i.e flip-flops, sandals, platforms).  Shoelaces shall be tied.
  4. Students attending any school functions (field trips, activities during school hours and evening programs) shall dress as directed by the teacher/administrator.  If a child does not dress as directed, he/she shall not attend the activity and will be provided academic work (if the activity is during the school day).
  5. Safety and protective clothing, as well as athletic or gym clothing, shall be worn as required by the subject teacher or club instructor.
  6. Hair shall be clean and well groomed.
  7. Hats may not be worn in the building since they can be expected to obstruct the vision of others. Hats shall not include headwear of religious significance, such as yarmulkes.
  8. Any accessory (jewelry, pins, spiked wrist bands, etc.) that constitutes a safety hazard and/or distraction will be removed at the request of the teacher/administrator.

Enforcement: The dress code shall be enforced according to the lines of authority, i.e. the teacher, the Principal, the Superintendent and the School Board, in that order.

Severability:  This dress code shall be deemed to be severable.  If any section is found to be void or unreasonable by a forum of competent jurisdiction, only that section shall be deemed deleted.

If a student is not abiding by the dress code, parents will be contacted to bring in appropriate clothing as soon as possible on that day.