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General School Rules and Regulations

The following is an overview of several of the most important general student regulations of the Long Beach Island School District.  Please read these policies over very carefully and discuss them with students.
1.  Students, teachers, and parents should work closely together to ensure a very successful school year and educational excellence.
2.  The individual rules of each classroom should be followed, with any questions discussed first with the classroom teacher.
3.  There is to be absolutely no running anywhere in the school building, while boarding buses, or on sidewalks adjacent to the school building.  This regulation is intended to prevent needless accidents.
4.  Lunch periods at school are to be orderly, with socializing permitted at a “normal conversational level.”  Respect and good manners are expected, and the directions of the supervisory aides should be followed consistently and with respect.  Excessively loud noise or improper behavior will not be permitted, as the lunch periods are an enjoyable time to relax.  When lunch period regulations are not followed, the school principal or a supervisory aide in the lunchroom may impose a “quiet period” and consider the denial of recess privileges or after-school detention for student offenders.  Students should exit the lunchroom in an orderly manner.
5.  The directions of the supervisors on the school playground should be carefully followed.  No rough play will be permitted; safety is the primary consideration.  Running on the school playground is permitted in organized games, etc., when the aides on duty feel it is safe.  Play is limited to designated areas on the school playground.  Students should remain on the school playground during outdoor recess, unless given special permission by a supervisor to enter the school building for an emergency, etc.

6.  Hallways, bathrooms, and class lines should be as quiet and orderly as is reasonably possible.  This helps to prevent disturbing classes which are in session.  Students should also remain reasonable quiet during bus dismissal period so that the supervisory teachers can announce the arrival of buses and dismiss students in an orderly manner.
7.  When students enter a classroom, it should be done in a quiet and orderly manner.  Students should immediately take their seats and prepare for their next class.  During class, excellent behavior is always expected.  Students should raise their hands before speaking out to provide for orderly communication and good manners.
8.  Good manners and respect for adults and other children are always expected as school.  We want our teachers to be proud of their students.
9.  Class group lines should walk on the right side of the school hallways to provide for a uniform traffic flow.
10.  Homework and class work must be completed neatly, carefully, and on time.  If a child experiences difficulty in completing an assignment with “good cause,” we ask that the child’s parent write a short note to the child’s teacher explaining the situation.  The teacher may elect to excuse the student and allow extra time to complete the assignment in school or at home.  Our teachers should be available to assist if extra help is needed for a child.  “Unexcused” failure to complete assigned school work will not be tolerated by our schools.  Long Beach Island Board of Education policy provides for reasonable and appropriate class and homework assignments.  Failure of a student to apply himself/herself in completing reasonable assignments will result in disciplinary action.  Our children are here to learn, and completing assignments is an important responsibility.
11.  Students should never leave the school property for any reason unless they are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or school faculty member.  A student will not be permitted to leave the school grounds until the child is properly “signed out” by a parent or guardian at the school office.
12.  Early dismissal or students is discouraged when classes are in regular session.  Students should be removed from school early only for legitimate reasons when a reasonable situation prevents the child from attending school for the entire day.  State law requires student attendance, except for excused absences with good cause.  Needless early dismissals are disruptive both to the child’s education and to the class which is interrupted.  Of course, there are occasions (medical appointment, etc.) when dismissing a child early is warranted.  In such cases, the parent needs only to report to the school office to “sign out” the child, stating the legitimate cause for early dismissal.  It is recommended that the school be notified in advance of such circumstances.

13.  Whenever a student is absent from school for any reason, parents are requested to call the school between 9 and 9:30 a.m. to report their child’s absence.  A note should then be sent to the school the day the child returns explaining the cause of the absence.  This regulation is a protection for each child and the child’s parents.
14.  No vehicle should either obstruct emergency access to any school building or block another vehicle from its access to exiting the parking area.  Parking should keep clear of designated parking areas for safety purposes, except when arriving or departing.
15.  Students should respect the personal belongings of each other and should never remove an article from the school that does not belong to them.  Though the school does maintain a “lost and found” area, students are strongly encouraged to take good care of their personal belongings with a “name” and “phone number” as a precaution in case an article becomes misplaced.
16.  A student who steals or damages any property not belonging to him/her will be required to make appropriate restitution to the party involved.  Additional disciplinary action may be taken at the discretion of the school principal.
17.  Students are not permitted to bring chewing gum into the school building or on school grounds.  It is the intention of this regulation to avoid the litter it causes which is extremely difficult to clean.
18.  The use of tobacco products, alcohol, or drugs by students on school property is prohibited.
19.  “Safe” toys are permitted at school with the permission of the child’s teacher or school principal for use at recess.  Children are discouraged from bringing any toys of significant monetary value to school.
20.  Disrespectful or profane language will not be tolerated in the school or on school grounds.
21.  Honesty, respect, and trust are student virtues highly valued and encouraged by the Long Beach Island School District.
22.  Any form of fighting or rough play is strictly prohibited in school.  If a child experiences a serious problem with another child, he or she should notify the nearest teacher or aide immediately.  Children should be instructed in ways to avoid getting involved in these kinds of conflicts.
23.  Students should respect and abide by the dress code adopted by the Long Beach Island Board of Education.
24.  School relations concerning bus conduct, school bus safety, and bicycle safety should be consistently followed.  These regulations are outlined in the Long Beach Island Parent Handbook.  It is recommended that these policies be discussed in the classroom periodically.
25.  Any situation which is not either specifically covered in these general rules and regulations or discussed in the Parent Handbook will be considered a matter of professional discretion by the school principal and/or faculty based upon appropriate local and state regulations.
We ask that all teachers please discuss these school regulations with their students.  Each school regulation is designed to encourage safety habits, respect, cooperation, order, and a positive learning climate.  The Long Beach Island Schools will strive to promote fair and assertive discipline, love, care, and respect.