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Morning and Afternoon Arrival & Departure of Students Transportation Bus Safety Bicycle Safety

Morning and Afternoon Arrival and Departure of Students

1.  Students should not arrive at the Long Beach Island Grade School before 8 a.m. at the Long Beach Island Grade School and 8:10 a.m.:  as supervision is not available. Homeroom period begins at 8:15 a.m. at the Long Beach Island Grade School and at 8:25 a.m. at the Ethel Jacobsen School.

2.  Morning drop-off and/or afternoon pick-up of students by private vehicles at the LBI School should be made via the 19th Street side school doors.  Teachers will be outside to assist you with your child.  Please notify the school if your child will be picked up and complete the sign-out book.  Parental written notification is required if an adult other than the parent will be picking up a child. Morning drop-off for EJ students should be on the South 2nd Street side of the building by the orange cones. 

3. No vehicle should either obstruct emergency access to any school building or block another vehicle from its access to exiting the parking area.  Parking should only in designated parking spaces.  No vehicles will be permitted to enter the circular driveway along the front of the LBI School building (20th St.) before 8:15 a.m. or after 2:45 p.m. as the school buses will be utilizing this area for dropping off and picking up students.

4. When school is in session, parents are asked not to leave idling vehicles in the 20th Street circular driveway as fumes enter the classroom windows.  When school is in session, parents are asked to be cognizant of conversations outside the school buildings as they may be overheard and a distraction to the classrooms.  


1. All students are assigned a bus for transportation to and from school.

2.  Only in an emergency is a student to ride a bus other than the one he/she regularly rides.  In most cases, however, bus changes are not possible due to buses being at full capacity seating.  Requests for an emergency bus change must be approved by the transportation coordinator.

3. Students should board their assigned bus unless the school is notified otherwise by the child's parent.

4.  Parents should insure that their child is aware of his/her bus number, bus stop, address and possibly the name of the bus driver.  If there are any questions, please contact your school office.

5.  Students in preschool through grade 3 must be met a the p.m. bus stop by a parent/guardian or the child will be returned to school on the bus and the parent notified.

6.  Parents picking up students at dismissal are required to complete the sign-out book in the office.

Bus Conduct and Safety

The bus driver is in full charge of the school bus at all time and is responsible for order; passengers must obey the driver promptly and respectfully.  The rights of pupils to ride o the bus are conditional, requiring good behavior and observance of bus rules.

Permanent bus stops will be designated every fourth block in accordance with the student population.  Students should be on time at the designated bus stops.  No child should stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus.  Children should observe safety rules when walking to and from bus stops and conduct themselves in a safe and orderly manner while waiting for the buses.  Crowding and pushing when entering and exiting buses are prohibited.  A child should not approach a bus at the loading zone until the bus has come to a complete stop, nor enter or exit the bus when it is in motion.  Children will only be picked up and discharged on the side of the Boulevard, Central Avenue or Barnegat Avenue on which they live.  Crossing these streets will not be permitted unless an adult is there to accompany the child at the time of arrival of the bus.  Several other important transportation regulations should be discussed with your child:

1.  Students should go immediately to their assigned seat on the bus and remain there until the bus reaches its destination.

2.  Keep arms and other parts of the body inside the bus at all times.

3.  Assist in keeping the bus safe and clean; respect and protect its furniture and equipment.

4.  Loud talking or excessive noise on the bus is prohibited as this kind of confusion distracts the driver who must concentrate on the road.  

5.  Any damage to the bus should be reported immediately to the driver.

6.  In case of a road emergency, remain in your seat until instructions are given by your driver.

7.  Keep the aisles clear.

8. Be courteous and responsible passengers.

9.  Do not open or close windows without the permission of the driver.

10.  Never throw any article from a bus window.

11.  For safety reasons, live animals and large items such as skateboards, surfboards, etc are not permitted on the bus.

12.  On all buses equipped with seat belts, students are required b law to buckle-up and remain buckled until ready to depart the bus. 

Bicycle and Skateboard Safety

Children are permitted to ride bicycles and skateboards to school with the permission of their parents.  All of our students are required, under the provisions of New Jersey's Helmet Law, to wear helmets at all times when riding a bicycle or skateboard.  Students should be instructed in the proper handling of bicycles and observe the following traffic and safety regulations:

1.  Observe all traffic regulations, traffic signal lights, stop signs, one-way streets, etc.

2.  Ride with the traffic, keeping to the right in a straight line; ride signal file o pubic roads.

3.  Give proper hand signals before turning or stopping.

4.  It is recommended that bicycles be equipped with a front white light and a rear red light, visible for up to 500 feet.

5.  It is also recommended that the bicycle be equipped with a audible signal such a s a bell or horn, which can be heard for up to 100 feet.  

6.  Brakes should be in good working condition.

7.  Riding double, stunt riding and hitching on other vehicles are strictly prohibited.