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Pupil education records of Long beach Island Schools will be maintained in a manner that ensures student confidentiality, yet provides for accessibility by parents and appropriate professionals through procedures defined by State regulations.  Your child's records will include data to identify each pupil, attendance records, descriptions of pupil progress and health records.

Board of Education Policy also permits the inclusion of the following in pupil records:  information contributed by teachers, samples of pupil work, standardized testing information, parental input and behavior information.  Your child's records are maintained in his/her school building:  special education records are maintained in the Child Study Team office.

The Pupil Records Act, N.J.A.C. 6:3-21, requires every board of Education to notify, annually, all parents within the school district of their rights in regard to pupil records.  According to this statute, parents and guardians have the right to access to their child's school records.

Pupil records are subject to challenge by parents and adult pupils on grounds of inaccuracy, irrelevancy, disclosure of denial of access to individuals, organizations or agencies:  or violation of the privacy or other rights of the pupil.  The cords may be viewed by appointment during normal business hours in the Office of the Principal of the school in which your child is enrolled.